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Polls and Surveys

This page contains links to resources about Polls and Surveys.

Survey and poll data can be difficult to access as polls/surveys are often commissioned and paid for by an organization.

  • The organization then owns the results of the research and can release it for free or for fee. 
  • Polling Companies do their own research so that they can sell the data to interested parties.

Survey and poll data can be difficult to evaluate for quality. Things to consider when you are evaluating the data are:

  • Who commissioned the research (bias) ?
  • What is the authority of the polling/survey company. ? Do they have a good reputation?
  • How old is the data ?
  • Who was surveyed? 
  • How the survey was conducted ?
  • Sample - size and make up of sample used ? Was it random? Was it representative?
  • Can you view the questions of the actual survey or poll. (bias)?
  • Is the margin of error (MOE) high? the higher the margin of error the less you should rely on the data. MOE only accounts for random sampling error. It does not calculate for biases or poor samples for example. 



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