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Student Support Services

Essential Study Skills

Researching College Programs

Chances are, before you make a big purchase like a new phone, you do a little research first. College not only costs money, but takes time and effort, so treat this investment the same way: make an informed program choice by gathering as much information as possible to ensure a program meets your goals. This module will help you navigate program information so you can decide if that program is right for you.


  • Read up.Check out the program description for detailed information.
  • Go see.There are many on campus and virtual recruitment events, such as program webinars and Open House dates. These are good opportunities to get more information about the college and specific programs.
  • Ask an expert.Connect with a program representative, Algonquin College Recruiter, someone working in the field (connect through LinkedIn, industry events, career fairs etc.)
  • Meet your support system.Learn about the Student Support Services offered at the College.
  • Reach out.If you’re still struggling to pick a program, set up an appointment to chat with a counsellor.

Getting Information About College Programs

Get Informed!

Watch this video to learn about where to find information on college programs. You can also download the Get Informed! video transcript.

Resources for Making an Informed Program Choice

Take advantage of these resources when selecting a program.

  • A program description can provide you with detailed information on a program.
  • Use the program description to get a clearer idea of what the program is about and what careers it will prepare you for.
  • To get more in-depth information about program content you can read through the course descriptions for that program. This can help you get more insight into the subject material being taught, evaluation formats and resources for the program (software, books etc.)
  • A Program Coordinator is a professor in the program who is has also worked in the industry. They can answer your questions and help with program-specific concerns. The Program Coordinator’s contact information is available at the bottom of each program description.
  • Student Success Specialists are also available to provide general program resources.
  • College Open Houses are held during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.
  • These events give you a chance to explore the campus, visit with staff from academic programs and College services, and learn more about the programs you’re interested in.

Use the tools below to gather information on the college programs you're interested in.