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Essential Study Skills

Identifying Areas of Interest

You’re thinking about attending Algonquin College, but with over 250 programs to pick from, you’re not quite sure where to start. This module will help you to narrow down your interests using Career Cruising.


  • Keep an open mind. You may have gotten the wrong idea about certain careers or programs. Challenge these beliefs by doing a little research!
  • Focus on themes.Keep an eye out for themes, not just job titles. For example, if you’re interested in nursing, take a look at other jobs in the Medical & Health fields.
  • Match themes with programs.Explore college programs that target the same themes you’ve identified on Career Cruising.

Using Career Cruising to Choose a College Program

Watch this video to learn how Career Cruising can help you identify your interests and narrow down your college program choices. You can also download the Using Career Cruising to Choose a College Program video transcript.

Logging into Career Cruising

Access Career Cruising using the username and password below:

  • Username: algonquin
  • Password: careers
To access the Matchmaker tool recommended in the video above, you will first need to create a personal My Plan account. Matchmaker can then be found under Assessments.

The career clusters provided by Career Cruising don’t directly match up with how Algonquin College arranges its schools and institutes. The chart below will help you to better translate your Career Cruising Matchmaker results to the programs offered at Algonquin.

Algonquin School/Institute Career Cruising Cluster
Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE)Architecture & Construction; Science & Engineering; Skilled Trades
School of Advanced TechnologyComputers & Telecom; Science & Engineering
School of BusinessBusiness & Finance; Law & Government
School of Health & Community Studies Education & Social Services; Medical & Health; Science & Engineering; Sports & Recreation
School of Media & DesignArts & Culture; Fashion & Design
Police & Public SafetyLaw & Government; Medical & Health; Law & Government
School of Hospitality & TourismService Industry