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Choosing a Program and Planning Your Career

Career planning can be both exciting and extremely stressful. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by possibilities or discouraged that no program or career path feels quite right, this module will help you focus on what you are looking for in a program or career.

Top Tips

  • Get your hands dirty!If you’re interested in a field, but don’t know much about it, get hands-on experience by volunteering or shadowing someone who works in the industry.
  • Self-motivate.Some of your reasons for pursuing a career should come from within -- for example, personal interests. External motivation from family or friends is normal, but shouldn’t be your only reason.
  • Look for themes.When using a career tool like Career Cruising, keep an eye out for themes, not just job titles. For example, if you’re interested in nursing, take a look at other jobs under the umbrella of Medical & Health.
  • Go slow & steady.Don’t rush through any part of your career planning. Explore, reflect, and take your time!
  • Check your expectations.Most people do not find their dream job right away. You might need to explore and work your way up.
  • Branch out!When looking at labour market research, don’t limit yourself to one career area. College provides you with a transferable skill set that will make you a strong candidate for lots of different jobs.
  • Read up.When researching a program, check out a program description for information on success factors and career possibilities.
  • Reach out.If you’re still struggling to pick a program, set up an appointment to chat with a career advisor or counsellor.