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Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Student Learning Centre

Math Coaching

Math coaching is offered as drop-in sessions and can help you with topics such as:

  • Essential Math (ratios, percentages, fractions, order of operations, functions, exponential functions, etc.)
  • Quantitative Methods/Stats (time series, linear regression, mean, median, variance, matrices, etc.)
  • Calculus (limits, continuity, derivatives, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, partial differentiation, etc.)

Math Coaching Appointments

How to Access Coaching

Coaching is offered online and on campus. Click on the tabs to see the schedules and booking information for the following methods of accessing coaching:

  • On-Campus Drop-in

Please note that you can join drop-in Math sessions at any point during the scheduled coaching time; you do not need to register in advance.

On-Campus Drop-in

View the calendar of drop-in sessions below. Drop-in sessions:

  • Are held in person, on campus (Room C260); sign in when you arrive
  • Doesn't require registration; you can join any time during the scheduled block

Coaching Information

What You Should Know Before Your Session

For rules and expectations, please read our policies on the Coaching Lab home page.