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Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Student Learning Centre

Welcome to the SLC – Here to Help you support your students!

We offer many services to which you can refer your students, including Coaching, Peer Tutoring, and Workshops. We also offer workshops for students, and we can work with you to offer them in your class. Check out some of these below.


Are your students looking for help in Math, Writing, English, Biology, Computer Skills, Presentation Skills, or Study Skills? Tell them about Coaching!

The Coaching Lab offers all Algonquin College students individual and small group coaching at no charge. Coaches will guide students on these foundational areas that are needed for all programs at the college.

Here are two ways to inform your students about Coaching:

Peer Tutoring

Do you have students who could use additional support with concepts covered in your course? Let them know about Peer Tutoring!

Peer Tutoring matches students who are experiencing difficulties in a course with upper-level students from your program who are trained student tutors for one-on-one tutoring. Students pay $8/hour for their tutoring sessions.

See if there is a tutor for your program:

  • Check out if we currently have a tutor. Login to Peer Tutoring Booking System to look up your programs and courses. There is no need to sign-up or create an account; single sign-on allows you to use your existing college credentials. For step-by-step instructions on how to find a tutor, please refer to the Finding a Tutor pdf.
  • You don't see your program on there? Email the SLC at We may have tutors that are about to begin tutoring for your program. If not, we will work with you to get a tutor and provide you with the information needed to share this opportunity with your students.

Here are two ways to inform your students about Peer Tutoring:


We offer a variety of workshops that your students can take advantage of—everything from Getting Started with Brightspace to Exam Prep!

Open Workshops

We offer workshops throughout the semester; at the beginning of each semester, we also offer computer workshops to help students get started with learning tools (like Brightspace and Zoom). Students can attend these free workshops online or in person.

Here are two ways to inform your students about workshops:

In-Class Workshops

We’re also happy to attend your class and run a workshop on various topics! Fill out the form below to request a workshop and we will be in touch.