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Online Workshops

You can participate in workshops to develop and strengthen fundamental skills such as research, writing, math, digital skills, and study skills to help you succeed in your classes and career..

If you have ever wished there was a place to go where someone could show you how to conduct research, correctly craft citations, write an engaging paper, or even make studying less stressful and more effective, you should explore the workshops offered here!

Most of our workshops are offered in the Library Learning Lab, located in room C263



You can access most of the library’s digital resources from anywhere, 24/7. Find out how to search through the library website to find ebooks, videos, articles, tutorials, statistics and more! Learn new strategies for navigating our online resources and digital collections and easily find the resources you are looking for.

Learn how to find and use free and openly licenced resources from the internet, including high-quality photos, videos, templates, graphic design tools and more. Learn how to incorporate open multimedia into your own projects, and learn the art of attribution through the TASL technique.

Discover key skills and strategies to employ when presenting in front of peers.


This workshop will clarify what plagiarism means, its potential consequences and how to avoid it. It will explain how good work habits and the correct citation of sources can benefit you as well as the original creators of your sources.

Plagiarism Workshop Lesson Plan

Need to write a paper but don’t know how to get started? Learn how to choose and develop a research topic. How to come up with appropriate search terms. Find out how to use Wikipedia for finding general background information on a topic. If you’re feeling stuck, this workshop will help you get started with the research process.

Learn to find scholarly articles using library resources. Learn the characteristics of a scholarly article and how to differentiate it from a popular source.

Doing quality research means making sure you are using reliable sources. This workshop will show you how to evaluate the quality of some resources using the ‘C.R.A.A.P’ test—a guideline for critically analyzing sources—so you can avoid ‘fake news’.

Frustrated that your Google searches don't find resources that are appropriate for your assignments? Maybe you should be using Google Scholar?! Google Scholar provides a simple way to search for scholarly/academic articles. This workshop will introduce you to the useful search features of Google Scholar.

The Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) is the definitive research tool for health professionals. With CINAHL Plus, students get fast and easy full-text access to top journals, evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons and more. This workshop will introduce attendees to the basic and advanced features of using CINAHL.

Writing and Citing

Part 1 of 2 workshops, this workshop covers how to use the APA citation style for academic purposes. Part 1 introduces the concept of in-text citations used within the body of the paper and the associated APA rules relating to quotes, paraphrases and multiple author names.

Part 2 of 2 workshops. This workshop covers how to use the APA citation style for academic purposes. Find out how to format a Reference List according to APA style rules and have hands on experience creating references for different types of sources.

Become familiar with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) citation style, which is commonly used in technical fields.

Do you need to write a paper but don’t know how to get started? Come to this workshop, and learn:

  • How to prepare to write a paper
  • Create an outline
  • Write an effective thesis
  • Use appropriate language
  • Avoid the pitfalls of writing

Success in a college environment depends on those key skills that you’ve been hearing about throughout your academic career — time management, organization, note-taking, reading, and studying. The Student Learning Centre will be offering FREE weekly workshops on different academic topics throughout first semester. These workshops will give you new strategies to approach your courses and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other students.

For additional information to help you develop these skills, you can also visit Study Skills: a guide for academic success - opens in a new window.

Managing your time and keeping on top of your work are the keys to success as a college student. This workshop will introduce you to some simple techniques to plan your time more effectively. A learning strategist will teach you how to build an “Ideal Weekly Schedule” and a “Semester Plan,” and you will also discuss good techniques for getting into a routine to stay on top of your work.

It can be challenging to listen to your professors while also writing class notes . . . and how do you balance all of the readings that you need to get through, anyway? Come to this workshop to learn more about different note-taking systems, and figure which one best fits your courses and your own learning style. You will also be introduced to reading techniques and textbook features that will help you learn the material more effectively.

Do you cringe when your professors assign group projects? Do you dread completing these projects because you know it’s going to be difficult to get everyone on board to get the job done? This workshop will teach you how to set expectations, assign roles and responsibilities, create standards for your group to follow, facilitate communication, and increase motivation in your group so that your group can work together to successfully complete your project.

“If I’d just started earlier, I could have done so much better.” Although many students claim to work better under the pressure of deadlines, not having enough time to complete assignments can mean that you are not reaching your potential as a student. Learn to maximize your marks by starting early and breaking down your assignments into manageable parts using an “assignment tracker.” This workshop is also about sharing techniques that will help you break the habit of putting off work and learn strategies to avoid procrastination.

Practice makes perfect! If you want to feel more comfortable with new material, you need to review regularly and actively! Trade in straight reading for techniques that will allow you to rehearse material, test yourself, and come up with memory devices. Learn how to prioritize your studying and focus on the material that really matters. The techniques introduced in this session will help throughout the semester, as well as leading up to exams.

For many students, exam time can be filled with stress, anxiety, and worry. This workshop will help you to plan out your time in the weeks leading up to exams so that you have enough time to study each subject. It will also introduce the “Stoplight Study Technique” to help you determine what material you need to cover. Other strategies will include active study techniques, memory tools, and test-taking tips that can improve your exam results.

Balancing your course-load and personal commitments can be a stressful experience for many college students. This workshop, led by an Algonquin College counsellor, will help students learn more about stress. It will also introduce practical strategies to help with stress management so that you can focus better on your learning!


Become familiar with Brightspace, ACSIS, Live@AC, and understand how to connect to college WIFI and how to access printing.

Discover the difference between saving files locally or to the cloud, as well as the associated benefits and downfalls of both. Find out how to effectively backup files.

Gain an understanding of computer fundamentals become familiar with various collaboration tools including Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Drive.

Creative Literacy

This workshop will cover storytelling techniques to make your presentations more compelling. Become familiar with various digital presentation tools.

This workshop will cover the process of creating animated or live action videos. Become familiar with video creation tools, and online resources. Understand the legal use of assets such as images.

Choosing a career path can be daunting. There are so many possibilities out there, and it might seem difficult to find the right path for you. These workshops will help you analyze possible job options, and see how your desired career path fits within programs at Algonquin College.

For additional information to help you develop these skills, you can also visit the Career & Program Choice - opens in a new window module.

Understand where your choices might fit within the structure of Algonquin College. Find out how to identify what information to consider when choosing a program. Understand the career decision making process and find out how to use career self-assessment tools.

Understand what labour market information is and its limitations and benefits. Find out how to critically analyze different sources of labour market information. Understand labour market trends and become familiar with some myths about the labour market.

For Faculty

If you are a faculty member, these workshops are for you. Get guidance on copyright at Algonquin College, and learn about a tool to create lists of Library resources for your students from within your LMS.

For additional information, you can also visit the Faculty & Staff Library Guide - opens in a new window.

Do you or your students have questions about using Copyrighted material in-class or online? Find out how to avoid popular misconceptions and learn how the Copyright Act applies in the learning environment (and beyond). This session will highlight the use of fair dealing exceptions, licensing and open resources.

Find out how to use the AC Library Resource List Builder to create lists of Library digital resources from within your LMS profile. Students can then access these readings from within the course.

For Your Students

The SLC can arrange workshops for specific classes. For information about arranging workshops for your classes, visit the Faculty page - opens in a new window.

For additional information to help you develop these skills, you can also visit the Digital Skills hub - opens in a new window of The Learning Portal.

Learn about resources and research processes unique to your field of study (Business, Nursing, etc). The instructor must contact us to arrange this workshop for their classes.

Learn to find scholarly articles using library resources. Learn the characteristics of a scholarly article and how to differentiate it from a popular source. The instructor must contact us to arrange this workshop for their classes.


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