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Research Guide

Use this guide to help you with every stage of the writing process

Step 5: Write Your Paper

The last step in the process of a research paper is writing the paper. You should have a thesis statement, an outline of your paper, and a collection of notes and sources with which to write the content of your paper. This section will help you use your thesis statement, outline, and research to write your research paper.


  • Use your outline.Follow the path set by your outline, and remember the purpose of your paper— to persuade.
  • Just start writing. Beat writers block by starting with what you feel most comfortable with and going from there.
  • Save your files.Remember to save your work as you are writing so you don’t lose your work.
  • Proofread your final draft. Avoid losing marks for typos or other small errors.

Grammar and Writing Resources

If you are having difficulty with grammar, vocabulary or other aspects of writings, these resources can help.

  • English Communication Survival Guide – English Basics & ESL: This section of the subject guide lists the AC Library’s recommendations for additional resources covering punctuation, parts of speech, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

Your Draft

Using your outline and the information that you gathered from your research, write the first draft of your paper.

Writing Your Essay module of The Learning Portal for help structuring and writing the paragraphs in your essay, as well as with incorporating the sources you found during your research.

The revision process lets you fine-tune your essay to make sure that you are expressing your ideas clearly.

Revising Your Essay module of The Learning Portal for help refining your ideas, and catching any grammar or spelling errors.

Need extra help with English?

The Student Learning Centre (SLC) provides support in the fundamentals of writing and ESL at no charge.