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Research Guide

Use this guide to help you with every stage of the writing process

Step 2: Plan Your Search

Planning your research will help you find relevant resources when you conduct your search. The background information that you found when defining your topic can help you to think of appropriate search terms This section will help you plan your research.


  • Look at Wikipedia.Online encyclopedias like Wikipedia are good sources to begin with, and may lead you to new concepts to search for more credible academic sources. Be sure to evaluate the resources you find.
  • Get an overview of the topic.Look at major article on the topic to get a sense of the major points.
  • Record your sources.Make sure you keep track of good articles you find and save the citation (see citations tools in citation guide)
  • Check out the library’s Subject guides.These guides are a good starting point for research, and include suggested digital resource collection for your search.
  • Use a Thesaurus.Write down synonyms for your search terms. They may help you find relevant resources.
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Gather Background Information

Start by gathering some background information about the subject. Look at sources such as the following to find out about your topic:

Note: Wikipedia is a great starting point, but it should not be used or cited in your actual paper.

I tried the following sources for information:

  • In Britannica Online: I found an article that provides a good overview about different causes, political issues, etc.
  • Library Databases: I found database collections on science and the environment, as well as subject guides with recommendations of books, articles, websites and more.