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Visual Research Image Database

About This Guide

Finding appropriate reference photographs to use for an illustration, painting, animation, or video game can be a challenge. A simple Google image search often provides results that are homogenous, model perfect, Photoshopped, or not true to real life. Reference photos can be a great source for inspiration but we also need to be cautious about issues like copyright and plagiarism. This guide is designed to provide students with trusted resources for finding the reference photographs and/or textures they need for creative projects, as well as important information regarding intellectual property ownership.

Reference Gallery

blue feathers
Ocean Vista
Smiling Woman
City Street at Night
fall leaves
Football is life
yellow bricks
travel besties
Swirling stars
street drummer
water on leaf
Stars and tipi
Smiling women
dewy spiderweb
Toronto sunset
senior couple
steampunk girl
window iced over
A smiling woman gets a hug
retro car
moss on tree bark
aged man
bell payphones

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