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Copyright in Canada

What is copyright?

The creator of an original creative work has the sole authority to copy, perform, distribute, license, monetize, or assign these rights to another.  All original creative works are inherently protected by copyright. The copyright symbol does not need to be present. Using copyrighted works may only be done with permission or when permissible through exceptions such as the Fair Dealing exception of the Canadian Copyright Act. 

Moral Rights

Moral rights cannot be licensed or sold, but may be explicitly waived. These rights include, the right to have their work attributed and the right to maintain the physical integrity and the meaning of their work


Copyright exists on all works for the life of the creator plus an additional 50 years.  Published sound recordings (sold digitally or on a CD) are copyright protected for 70 years from the publication date.

Copyright at Algonquin College

Copyright at Algonquin College is governed by:



All content found on this subject guide is intended for Algonquin College staff, faculty, and students. This guide is a reference for the application of general copyright principles and practice and is not intended to provide legal advice.