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Therapeutic Recreation


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  • GV1-1860 - Recreation. Leisure
  • GV181.35-181.6 - Recreation leadership. Administration of recreation services
  • GV183.5 - Developmentally disabled older people - recreation
  • GV436 - Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
  • GV770.3-840 - Water Sports
  • LC4001-4806.5 - Children and youth with disabilities. Learning disabled children and youth 
  • QM1-695 - Human Anatomy
  • QP1-345 - Physiology
  • RA999.R42 - Recreational activities
  • RC475-489 - Therapeutics. Psychotherapy
  • RC489.R4 - Recreational therapy
  • RC952-954.6 - Geriatrics
  • RJ505.P6 - Group play therapy
  • RM695-893 - Physical medicine. Physical therapy Including massage, exercise, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy

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