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Student Survival Guide

Video tutorials to help you get started using the software and online applications you'll need.


Brightspace is a college-wide interface where you will retrieve and submit assignments, view course content, participate in group discussions, manage and collaborate in group projects and receive other information from your instructors and peers.

Understanding Brightspace

To log in to Brightspace, you will need your network account information (your student email and password), which you can find in ACSIS. Watch the video below to see how to find these credentials and log in.

Finding your Student Email Address and Password - Video Transcript.

You can control how you get notifications about activity in your courses. Watch the video below to see how to manage your notifications.

Course Content

The Content area of courses is where you will find resources, reading, and other content for your course Watch the video to see how to navigate the Content area to view course materials.


If your professor has enabled it, your Calendar will show important dates for a course. Watch the video to learn more about the Calendar in Brightspace.

You will often have to submit your assignments in Brightspace. Watch the video below to see how to see the assignments for a course, submit your assignments, and view your results.

You may occasionally be able to resubmit an assignment if you want to upload another submission. Watch Resubmitting an Assignment to see how.

Watch the video below to learn how to take quizzes and tests in Brightspace.

If you have trouble accessing a quiz, watch Why Can't I Access a Quiz? to find out some possible solutions to your problem.

In Brightspace, you can participate in conversations with your classmates using Discussions. Watch the video below to learn how to post in the Discussions area.

Watch the video below to learn how to email to your classmates through the Classlist in Brightspace.

Watch the video below to learn how to join and participate in a group.

Watch the video below to learn how to check your progress in a course using Class Progress.

Problems With Your Account?

If you’re having trouble with your network account (Brightspace, WiFi, email), contact ITS

For support with how to use Brightspace, access free online computer coaching

Free Coaching

Coaching is provided by the Student Learning Centre (SLC), at no cost, to help students improve their skills. We offer support in Computers, Math, ESL, Writing and more! Check out the Coaching website for more information