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Student Survival Guide

Video tutorials to help you get started using the software and online applications you'll need.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is a software package of creative tools such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Acrobat, Spark, and more. Students in BYOD programs have access to Creative Cloud as part of their program. Learn more about Creative Cloud apps on this page.

Resources and Tutorials

If you are in a BYOD program, you can get a CC account. Follow these instructions to request access to an account and download the software:

Once you have your account and have installed the CC app, you can begin downloading and using the included apps. Learn more about these apps in the tabs, and watch the video below for an introduction to the CC app.

You can use Acrobat to edit PDFs. You can create forms, rearrange pages, and more. View the video, tutorials, and resources below to learn about Acrobat.

You can use Express (formerly Spark) to create basic web pages, social media graphics, and videos. This app is a good way to tell a visual story without being an expert. View the video, tutorial, and resources below to learn about Express.


  • Digital Portfolios: Find out how to create a digital portfolio of your work using Adobe Spark.

About Express:

Get started:

You can use Photoshop to work with images; you can edit photos, create a digital painting and more. View the video, tutorials, and resources below to learn about Photoshop.

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Free Coaching

Coaching is provided by the Student Learning Centre (SLC), at no cost, to help students improve their skills. We offer support in Computers, Math, ESL, Writing and more! Check out the Coaching website for more information