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Social Service Worker

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  • BF636-637 - Applied psychology
  • HM - Sociology (general)
  • HN - Social history and conditions.  Social problems. Social reform
  • HV40-69 - Social service.  Social work.  Charity organization and practice.  Including social case work, private and  public relief, institutional care, rural social work, work relief.

  • HV547 - Self-help groups

  • HV697-700.7 - Families.  Mothers. 

  •  HV701-1420.5 - Children

  • HV7428 - Social work with delinquents and criminals

  • HV5800-5840 - Drug habits.  Drug abuse

  • RA790-790.95 - Mental health. Mental illness prevention.

  • RC554-569.5 - Personality disorders. Behavior problems including sexual problems, drug abuse,
    suicide, child abuse

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