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Job Search

When you start looking for work, it is important to use a variety of job search methods. By tailoring your approach, you increase your chances of finding meaningful employment. Answer the following questions prior to starting your job search:

  • What are my job goals or ideas?
  • What are the qualifications required for these positions? Do I meet them?
  • What companies do I want to work for?

Once you have identified your job goals and the employers you want to work for, you can more productively start your search.


  • Set a job goal.Before you start your job search, choose a realistic employment goal that matches your education and experience level.
  • Who do you want to work for?Identifying which employers you want to work for allows you to target your job search to those employers. Visit the employer’s website and follow their company page on LinkedIn.
  • Use multiple job search methods:Do not limit yourself to online applications. Tap into your network to access the hidden job market. Connect with your network to see if they know of any upcoming job opportunities.