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Skilled Trades Portfolio

Using Adobe Spark to Create Digital Portfolios

Making an Experience Section

Describe your Experience

When providing a descriptor for your work experience, identify key words that would reflect your past experience but that are also related to the type of role or position you are interested in. In the sample portfolio, the student has included a short summary of their work experience, highlighting both customer service and woodworking. From this sentence, it seems like the student is interested in both the technical and customer side of woodworking – being able to create and sell their work. However, let’s say their goal wasn’t to necessary be customer-facing, but was to work on a team behind the scenes. This sentence might change to something like, “My work experience includes woodworking on team-based projects.” After reading this hook statement, it should help to entice the reader to click on your resume to read more details.

If you decide that you want to embed details about your experience into your portfolio (rather than on a separate resume section), make sure that when you describe what you did, you are including the most relevant details, tasks and accomplishments related to the type of role you are trying to get into. You don’t have to list every single thing that you did in each position.