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Ontario and Canadian Statutes

Canadian Statute ​Print Resources 

  • Revised Statutes of Canada  
  • Statutes of Canada 
  • Revised Statutes of Canada 
  • Canadian Statute Citator
  • Consolidated Regulations of Canada 
  • Canada Gazette (The Canada Gazette is a digital publication only. The print version, which was first produced in 1841, ceased on April 1, 2014.1)

For Electronic resources see  Featured Online Resources

Canadian Statute Research 

  • Locate the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985 within the law collection.
  • Locate the Statute in the Revised Statutes of Canada: English Index.  Or, use the Canada Statute Citator, RSC1985.
  • To find recent updates:
  • Canada Gazette, Part III, Table of Public Statutes/ Table of Acts and Responsible Ministers. Or search the
  • Find your Act in the Table of Public Statutes.
  • Changes to a Statute of Canada can also be followed in the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985. Table of Concordance.

Ontario Statutes Print Resources

  • Statutes of Ontario 
  • Revised Statutes of Ontario 
  • Revised Regulation of Ontario 
  • Ontario Gazette
  • Ontario Bills 

For Electronic resources see  Featured Online Resources

Ontario Statute Research

  • Locate the Revised Statutes of Ontario 1991 within the law collection.
  • Each annual volume also contains a Table of Public Statutes, a Table of Proclamations, a Table of Private Acts, and a Table of Regulations.
  • Revised Statutes of Ontario 1990
  • To find recent updates:
  • Ontario Gazette
    • The online PDF version of The Ontario Gazette is the official copy.
    • The print version ceased on March 31, 2021