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Hospitality & Tourism Portfolio

Using Adobe Spark to Create Digital Portfolios

Theme and Title

Create your Portfolio Title Page & Theme

When selecting a theme for your portfolio, consider choosing one that you feel reflects your personal brand or style. Depending on the font and colour scheme selected, they can say different things about you. For example, the Whimsy font might be a good choice, if you want to focus on baking whimsical or fanciful baked goods.

For your title, you are welcome to default to the name of your program or you can also come up with a unique title that reflects either the industry area, type of position or key knowledge and skills you have related to the role you are aspiring to attain. Some examples include “Special Events Catering”, “Aspiring Chef de cuisine” or “Creative Pastry Chef”.

In the sample portfolio, the photo selected shows the student working in a busy kitchen environment. Consider choosing a background photo that demonstrates your skills or experience in the industry. Include a photo of you working in the field, or some of the sample dishes you have prepared. You want the photos selected to truly reflect what you have to offer to an employer.