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Engineering Portfolio

Using Adobe Spark to Create Digital Portfolios

Work Experience Section

Describe your Experience

In the sample work experience section, the student has included two co-op positions they have completed in their program. Each position includes a link to the employer’s website. The student has also added a button with a link to their full resume.

In addition to listing positions, consider adding in key details that you’ve accomplished in each position. Make sure that when you describe what you did, you are including the most relevant details, tasks and accomplishments related to the type of role you are trying to get into. You don’t have to list every single thing that you did in each position.

Alternatively, if you don’t have space to include all of the positions you want to highlight, add a general descriptor of all of your experience and then include a button that links to your full resume with more details. Your descriptor should include key words that reflect your past experience but also relate to the type of role or position you are interested in. For example, “My experience includes multiple positions analyzing, modifying and improving the quality of engineering designs and procedures.” After reading this hook statement, it should help to entice the reader to want to read your resume for more details.